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5:35pm 08-02-2015
Eugene (Eddie) Ruiz
Hi Chuck
I was a water purification spec with HQ Co 19th Enge Bn at the same time 67-68, email: Neasha94@Hotmail.com
6:25am 07-28-2015
Chuck Boyle
Was in HQ Co. 19th Engr. Feb.67 to Feb.68, looking for anyone I served with, email: cboyle124@comcast.net
11:20am 07-16-2015
Denny Davis
Hi Bob,
I remember you. I transferred into A Co. From HQ Co. In June of '70. I was with the Commo Section and sometimes rode " The War Wagon " as the radioman when we were out on the road. It's nice to hear from someone from A Co. I hope all's well withDenny !
12:53pm 07-13-2015
Robert Shafer
I was with A. Co. 19th Engr. Jan. 8 to Nov. 17 1970.
8:55am 06-28-2015
stanley eastman
was at lz low boy 1968 to 1969 . 73rd. eng.
7:07am 05-20-2015
john modisett
Sad to report that Mike Rogers, company clerk, B company 1966-1967 passed suddenly on Saturday, May 16. We had kept in touch an he was a true friend.
11:28pm 05-10-2015
juan davis
i service with the 19th from 02/67 to 01/68. 1120 e briar gate ct; riverdale, ga 30296-3379. 678 588 5692 c 770 991 9039 h
12:26pm 04-30-2015
harry j tucker
went to nam with the 19th in 65
2:59pm 04-23-2015
ron babb
Anyone remember. Me 70-71
2:44pm 04-23-2015
ron babb
Does anyone have a picture of the rock rat at front gate. I would love to have one.
6:58am 04-09-2015
ron (Doc) broccardo
Just to let the brothers know that Joe Melling CO.D 1968-69 PASSED on MARCH 24 2015. He came to his 1st reunion last year. He is with his brother Bob also of CO.D same time frame. Will be missed.
1:08pm 04-02-2015
james comber
Was platoon leader 1968 "D" company 1968 June -Aug 23 Blown up on mine sweep and shipped home due to extend of injuries. Retired out of service and think about my experiences now and then If anyone remembers me sure would like to hear from you.
9:56am 03-18-2015
richard carpenter
good day brothers a few days ago i bid on some fishing reels on eBay , i was the highest bidder . the day the sale was ending the item was gone , when i ask the seller said he would lose money so he removed it and re listed it ,i called eBay and they said it was OK ,well i will never do business with eBay again unless i really have to , that was dishonest and i am one pissed off viet Nam vet, and the worst pert is they guy cant even spell in English , that's because hes from viet Nam , wow must be pay back time , buyers be ware on eBay , they are not there for Americans , welcome home brothers
8:12am 03-06-2015
Eric Germovsek
I think my father served in the 19th during the war, looking for anybody who might know Sp5 Daniel Germovsek and served with him. He was in Vietnam July 1970-June1971
7:50pm 03-04-2015
Kenneth Smith
Half the year is gone, so all you 19th Vets start planning on the reunion in September. See you there.
D co 67-68 LZ Thunder
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