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9:08pm 12-27-2015
Jon Jobbins

Thank you Jack Jacobs. Yes, my father was Thomas LZ Jobbins - he is not very computer savvy and I'm trying to take on a project of finding people that he may have known while he was is Vietnam. Circa 1969 he was part of the D Co, 19th Eng BN, 18th Eng BDE and was near the provinces of Quang Tri, Quang NGAI, and spent a lot of time at "LZ thunder" Base (*thus the nickname LZ Jobbins). Names that he can recall (spelling may not be 100% accurate) Gale Rowe, Gunther, Sgt John Lindberg (Rest In peace), Felix Jacques (Rest in peace). I'm just looking for any insight at all... And thank you all for your service!
7:21am 12-27-2015
Jack Jacobs
Anyone know Thomas LZ Jobbins who was in D co. at LZ Thunder? His son viewed my post on Youtube and said his dad served there but I don't know him. Email me if you know him and I will try to get him to contact you.
3:15am 11-25-2015
Larry D. Bose
I read on facebook that there are about 857,000 veterans left of the 2.5 million who served in Vietnam. If that is correct and we all live to be 85, we will be losing 3,570 a month. Since we will not all live to 85, we will probably lose about 4,000 a month. We will be losing a battalion a week for the next 20 years!! Interesting and sobering!! That is if my math is correct and the facts are correct.
11:24am 11-18-2015
Jay Boyle
Make that A company, 19th Engineers about September 67 to September 68. Any of my squad out there who survived the ambush on July 9th, 1968: Michael Martin, William Simpson, Hector Dela Cruz, Kenneth Bonfiglio or Bonfiolia, Joseph Fisco or Pisco?
5:53pm 11-11-2015
Jay Boyle/ Iowa
Hello to all company C, 19th Engineers during my year August 67-68. I was from St Petersburg, Florida at the time of being drafted. Never got in touch with any of the guys from my company/squad. Memory of some of the names of the guys I remember are: Joe Pisco, Philly, Bonfiglio NE usa, Destifano, NYC, Sheppard, Detroit, Simpson, Perry, Matvia, Mac, "Doc", Jack aka "buddy", Wilkerson, Alabama, Dickson, Palakta, Florida, Sargeant Story, Any of you guys our there? All the Best on the Veterans Day evening.
4:43pm 11-11-2015
James Swearengin
Where were you on Veterans day 1968? I was at LZ Max Duc Pho Viet Nam and proud of my time with B Co 19th engr.
9:18am 10-14-2015
stan eastman
i am so glad that i went to the reunion. i didn,t believe that so many that attended where also at lz lowboy. for years i almost thought that lowboy didn,t exist because nobody around here had ever heard of the place!! coming next year!!
11:10am 09-15-2015
Kenneth Smith
Really enjoyed the reunion this last weekend, always good to see and visit with everyone, cant wait till next year as the years get shorter those that have not attended need to make plans for the next one.
4:59am 09-13-2015
James Swearengin
B co Sept 67 until Aug 68 LZ ENGLISH NORTH moved to Duc Pho Dec 67. anybody out there from B co
10:09am 09-10-2015
Gary Mallinger
I was with the 19th A co May 69 to may 70 and I have some picks I like to upload to the site but I don't know how can anybody help?
9:29am 09-10-2015
Gary Owen Rogers
I arrived Bao Loc Jan 70 HHC. Yes it was Camp Smith. We replaced the 116th NG unit from Idaho
8:25am 09-04-2015
David Q Saenz
Michael Shulock , Remember Jack Deevers hit a mine also John Perry hit a mine he is looking for you said he did not get recognized for that was it doc pho where it happen ? , they use to call me sneeze , I was in heavy junk Joiner ,Glass, Jameson drove the water tanker ,SSgt Chamberlian,Evans,Kirby,Smitty, LZ north English, what was the camp in bou Loc was it Cp Smith ?Reply
8:08am 09-04-2015
David Q Saenz
Lz North English , Lz Low boy , Whiskey Mountain HHC 19 th Engr Company Jan 1969 - Jan 1970
9:45pm 08-28-2015
Kenneth Smith
OK 19th reunion next weekend, all come and enjoy the gathering.

D Co 67-68 LZ Thunder
11:37am 08-06-2015
alex hanson
the 572nd engr co (le) will hold a reunion in branson mo, sept 10-14,2015. alex, 503 930 4117
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