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8:05am 07-18-2019
steven miller
any one from 1966-1965
7:33am 07-08-2019
cliff Casby
In previous post, I misspelled CPT Dan Hornbarger"s name.
Also, while I was at the Engr Advanced course at Ft Belvoir, VA in 1974, I met with CSM King who was 1SGT for B Co and was serving as the Engr School CSM and Ft Belvoir CSM. I met with CSM Lay while assigned to Engineer Center and Ft Leonard Wood in 1986
6:41am 07-08-2019
cliff Casby
Served as 3d Plt Ldr, B co from Aug 1968 until deros in Aug 69
Served under CPT Hornsbarger, CPT Snyder for B Co and served under CPT Skeleton, 73d CSC while my platoon was attached to the 73d Have been unable to located CPT Hornsbarger also same with 1LT Haney (called him hoss) lost a good friend in 1LT Jim Brierly killed in ambush Dec 68
all soldiers were great warriors with full courage and dedicated to their mission ESSAYONS to all
6:42am 07-02-2019
Pat Moonan
Started LZ Lowboy 22Sept1967 the 1st platoon of C company 19th Engr. That's the day C company started the period for the Valorus medal
4:40pm 06-24-2019
Mike McPhee
I was in B Co., LZ Max, Feb-Oct., 1968, then we were moved to LZ English until I left in Jan., 1969. Saw several names--James Swearingen, Jack Sawvel, John ???, don't know how to reach these guys. I'm looking for Lt. "Tink" Haney, Capt. Harshbarger, anyone else. I"m at mike@uppergulch.com. thanks.
12:44pm 06-18-2019
stu davis
A co, 2nd Plt.19th Engr Bn. 1965 to 1966 looking for anyone that was there!
12:39pm 06-18-2019
Stu Davis
A co 19th Engr Bn 1963 to 1966 looking for anyone
2:12pm 06-14-2019
Kennard Hillyer
My name is Ken "Doc" Hillyer. I was with HHC at Camp Smith in 69-70, then B'Zar and then BuPrang, then Ban Me Thout become coming home. I am looking for some of the guys I worked with on road clearance: Francis Morroco(Rock), Eric Phelp,Murray,Franco Bentley and others from our Battalion aid station! I took a lot of pictures while I was there and would love to share with some of the guys while at Ba Loc! I live in Atlanta Georgia now.
2:17pm 06-07-2019
I am stilling living at 71 yrs. Living in Fontana Calif 92335
with 19eng.fron 1969 to 1970 LZ Thunder
Worked in motor pool most of the time plus 2/30 Hrs.on guard.
then Bu Prang. Dog named breeze.
1:06pm 06-04-2019
my email is beachesoftola@gmail.com
1:04pm 06-04-2019
steve snider
I have been trying to claim for my hearing loss during my tour in Vietnam. I do not live in the USA so I cannot go to a VA center - have to file on line. The web site keeps telling me that my birthdate does not match their files which cannot be true. Does anybody have any experience or suggestions for me?
7:34pm 06-01-2019
Steven Kent Snider
Looking for George Boyden - we we’re on LZ Thunder 1968
3:30pm 05-28-2019
George Theisen
i was with C company,,1967-1968,, D7 bulldozer op.. between Bon son and Duc pho,, worked the road and whatever i was called upon to do,,
9:06pm 05-16-2019
Gary Rogers
If you are interested, I have pictures of you when we left Bao Loc
8:58pm 05-16-2019
Gary Rogers
Joe where did you go after we inactivated the 19th? Its seldom to hear from anyone that was there in 1970.
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