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7:17am 08-16-2020
steven miller
1965-1966 (Joe Slick)
7:09am 08-09-2020
Frederick W Thumith
to Steve Snider,I have better info on getting hearing aids from the va. you need to sign on to e-benefits then apply for a disability,tinunitous or ringing in the ears caused by loud noises.Land mines,artilary or firing weapons cause this to happen.The va will call you in for an exam and hearing test but they can only determine the ringing in the ears by you saying so. p.s. tinunitus is worth 10 percent disability.I also served on lz thunder in 69.
7:41am 08-08-2020
Frederick Thumith
to Steve snider, to get help from the va you will need an advORocate. try city hall for they may have an agent on staff,
8:10pm 08-06-2020
Bradford Marshall
I was with HHC 19 Enger 1964 -and early 1965
I was assigned to the Motor Pool ,when the unit was alerted for VeitNam they sent me off to Germany I was 17 to young to go. I remember a Msg Corn,Sp4 Rouse M 62 wrecker operator , pfc Berjess Sp 5 Bush some others .
1:29pm 08-02-2020
Steve snider
Looking for anybody serving on LZ Thunder 1968 who could vouch for me to the VA regarding my hearing loss and claim for a hearing aid - thanks!
4:24pm 06-22-2020
Frederick W Thumith
thanks Ron for putting a good perspective to it for it does help.
9:39am 06-18-2020
Ron(Doc) Broccardo
As fellow warrior from CO.D 1969 Fred Thumith said we can't forget. Fred I hope you ended up getting you Purple Heart for you injuries. In the movie Platoon it was said, you will love the Nam forever, HOW DID THEY KNOW.
For some the battle has ended
For the survivors the War rages on.
11:41am 05-26-2020
"Jay" John J Boyle
I served at LZ English from september 67 to sept 68. Have always wanted to locate and thank a 2nd LT, who recently took over our platoon, A company, about July 9th, 1968. He forced me to put on my steel pot (stupidly had not been wearing) as we went out on mine-sweep, July 9th, 68, and ambushed by claymore at junction of Hwy 1 and our feeder to LZ. Two died and all of my point squad were wounded, some terribly. Sgt Barber and Sp-4 Gibbons were killed instantly at my side. I was hit just above the bridge of my nose, a clean hole through my steel pot and helmet liner, sustained a minor head wound. Anyone know the name/ location/contact of that 2nd LT on that day?
6:27am 05-25-2020
Frederick Thumith
every day is memorial day for those who served with fellow soldiers that died fighting in Vietnam for we just cannot forget.Rest in peace.
5:18am 03-31-2020
Larry Bose
Hope all are doing well during this pandemic. Wish I were young enough to volunteer to help the 19th if they get an assignment to help out in the pandemic. Maybe they already have. I guess the feeling to help out in a crisis never goes away. I would need a backpack for all my meds! Steve Snider, I was in the area of LZ Thunder in early 1968.
3:34pm 03-29-2020
Steve Snider
Happy Vietnam vets day. Steve Snider LZ Thunder 1968
11:36am 03-27-2020
George Reischling
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" Glad that you made it home brother! Courage on the Mountain- courageonthemountain.com
6:55am 02-19-2020
Larry Bose
Hello Jim, yes was in S-3, 3/67 to 3/68
1:14pm 02-12-2020
Jim Reynolds
Served in Hq Co from Apr '67 to Jan '68 and then A Co 'til Jun.
Anyone on the list from that period?
4:56pm 01-20-2020
Jack a sawvel
Chris, your e=mail did not work.I was in B company Jan 68 Jan 69 .You can call me 563-556-1274 we can talk about that time.
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