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7:01pm 01-23-2022
Steven Kent Snider
Steve Snider
LZ Thunder 1968
6:54pm 01-23-2022
Steven Kent Snider
I went to dateline - thanks. Brings back a flood of memories
How can we show we were exposed to agent orange?
I still have a powerful ringing in my ears
I got amebic disentary when the water truck ran out of filters - still have problems in my intestines all these years latter
That’s just the tip of the ice burg
Remember they made us go on night ambushes in some villages even at the end of my tour. We had no idea what we were doing - we were not trained for that. It was crazy!!
6:32pm 01-23-2022
Steve Snider
Gary Wiggins - hey man I remember you! Can you email me - I would like to get a buddy letter for my claim VA
How are you doing? Where are you? Let’s connect 🙏🏼
10:43pm 01-07-2022
gary wiggins
Steve Snider you were exposed to agent orange, and we had quit a few command detonated mines go off.
5:17pm 12-22-2021
Steve Snider
steve, go to dateline on home page.
3:04pm 10-30-2021
Steve snider
LZ Thunder - mine sweep beginning 1968. Can anybody confirm we got hit with command detonated mine sweep and had medivac and called in gunships? I lost most of my hearing and need some backup we took fire and had wounded. Anybody remember that day? We had many like that. Platoon leader Lt. Morningstar, Top Anthony Moderhak, CO McNiel Rigby Jr. Thanks! Steve Snider beachesoftola@gmail.com
Peace brothers!!
5:44am 07-20-2021
Jack a sawvel
Steve, no grass on the ground all a round the LZ or road. I was on LZ Max 68.
5:44am 07-20-2021
Jack a sawvel
Steve, no grass on the ground all a round the LZ or road. I was on LZ Max 68.
1:22pm 07-15-2021
Steve Snider
Steve LZ Thunder 1968 - how do we know if we got exposed to agent orange or other herbicides? I always feel like crap.
4:48pm 07-07-2021
Steve Snider
LZ English end of “67 any clerks in the lineup when we got demoted and transferred? LZ Thunder ‘68 mine sweep guys and I was Co. Clerk for awhile
8:07am 02-22-2021
Eric d Germovsek
I'm looking for a Donald Munden. I believe he served with my dad with the 19th in 1970. Any information would be great. Thanks!
1:57pm 02-10-2021
George Alan Reischli
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!"-Vietnam soldier saying- Mission accomplished!! Courage on the Mountain-Captivating, True, Free on Amazon Prime- Glad that you made it home Brother! courageonthemountain.com
9:49am 02-10-2021
Gary Mallinger
A Co 19th, 1969-1970.
First to post in guestbook in 2021.
9:42am 12-25-2020
Marion Lawniczak
Randy Davis. I was stateside from May until last part of June getting married. I remember Chamberlain quite well. I have no idea where he is or how to contact him. Glad you made it back safely also.
8:20am 12-16-2020
ssg lawniczak
I believe you were still the platoon sgt of heavy equipment in May 1968 +. I was assigned as platoon leader in May thru Sep. You were on leave or a training assignment and Chamberlain was acting PS. The 2 of us drove way too many miles on Hwy 1. And speaking of him, do you have any contact info?

I am glad you made it back safely

randy davis
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