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1:31pm 08-28-2014
Davis,Juan F
2/67 > 1/68 1120 e briar gate ct riverdale, ga 30296 770 991 9039 H 678 485 7482 C
7:55pm 08-19-2014
Dave & Nikkie Ward,
The 19th has already returned from Kuait.
Check the link: If it does not work, delete the x on knox, redo the x, then do a space in order to get the link active.


7:38pm 08-19-2014
19th Reunion: 5th & 6th September
Just to let you know, the crisis in Ferguson (a suburb of St Louis) in not taking place near the airport.

Reminder: because of construction at the Arch, do NOT take 55-70 East from the airport to get to I-44.

From the airport ake 70 West to 270 South to 44

Dial your GPS in to 139 Carmel Valley Way, St Robert, MO 65584

12:13pm 08-04-2014
Greetings ever one,I served in the 137th fromm 3/68to3/69 drove a 10 ton w/25 ton lowboy pulled dozers to job site for a while was TDY for awhile and was asst. platoon Sgt. for last couple of months.worked at the construction site at English air strip as NCOIC.lost some very good friends while I was there. would like to get in touch with Robert Baughman and Dan Blackmon.message me at johngarris1945@yahoo.com
9:31pm 08-03-2014
OK you old 19th vets, the reunion is one month away, and I am hoping that D co has the most there. I always thought that D co was the best, so everyone start thinking and planning about the good reunion that we are going to have. Get on the phone and remind someone.

Ken Smith D co 67-68 LZ Thunder
5:49pm 07-13-2014
Does anyone know when the 19th is returning? Dave would like to be at Knox when they return. Thanks. Dave & I took two of our grandson graduates for a three week tour of National Parks & the west, he is worn out. Lol Looking forward to seeing everyone in September, hope you're all having a great summer!
12:47pm 06-16-2014
Michael Shulock
Christmas "68-Christmas '69/ Heavy Junk from N Eng,Low Boy,Bou Loc. Plat Leader to a great bunch of guys. One of my greatest short comings is not telling them what a good job they were doing. We all did a job that we were asked to do,the best that could be done at the time.Smith,Glass,Roberts,Joiner and many more.
9:41am 06-15-2014
hello again brothers i received a letter back from the government saying i was turned down for my purple hart , i have tried every thing to get this and have been kicked in the butt every time .it makes me very sad when a Lt. col. tells our government what happened and they don't seem to care, maybe some one needs to look at these guys and put them on the hot seat like the VA. i am totally discussed with the way these people put things on paper , now they say i did not file in a timely manner with in 3 years of the time of the mine,i had letter from every one except the medic . all i know for sure is i have been crippled my whole adult life because i hit a 50# mine with a 290 scraper.it was not my fault i hit the mine and it was not my fault i did not receive a purple hart at that time. is there some one i can contact for help with this every one ????? i was a Ra so i guess i ask for this , i could have waited till the drafted . but i did not , i wanted viet Nam , i am just very upset . i am 100% because of hitting a land mine , so why is it so hard to figure that out . i had p t s d and then i found an ( honest ) doctor in the v a , and he turned my claim over and now im a 100% medical and no longer do i have unplayability, so why cant they see i was hurt in the war , there is no $$$ involved so why is it so hard to give me closure on this . i have packed it with me for 44 years . come on. thank you guys for trying to help me with this , seems like we all peed in the wind , wish we could turn the clock back and new then what we know now .. i would have been on the first row boat out of there had i new our country would turn there backs like this . thanks brothers and welcome home
11:58am 06-12-2014
i am with sad hart to report Larry whirly of the 19th engineers 1970 passed away yesterday , he lived in Moses lake Washington ,i new Larry well , very nice guy , i don't know all the details of his deployment but ill try to find out . thank you brothers and welcome home r. carpenter 137th
10:19am 05-26-2014
A safe Memorial Day to you all brothers and sisters.
We remember....
2:24pm 05-14-2014
looking for mike ross keokuk ia/ and gary lieterman from calif. 69/70 lz lowboy asphalt drop me a email or call 765 5854242 welcome home
6:44am 04-30-2014
Was anyone around the 4th Engineer Battalion 67-68? Trying to find some info on a Anthony Sanangelo. Thanks
6:23pm 04-28-2014
C. Co. Lowboy 67-68 Wish I could remember some names of the guys I served with or the KIAs from my platoon but way too much alcohol (and other stuff) has wiped out most of my brain cells. I can still see their faces though. Best wishes to all of you and Welcome Home!
10:45pm 04-24-2014
looking for two doc's from CO D 1969 Walter Royal, and Robert Swan sign in if you are still around
9:08pm 04-17-2014
I was with the 572 eng. Co. 69-70 bao loc camp smith I ets 9/4/70
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