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9:44pm 01-08-2015
Joe Melling: Thanks for the call, Joe,---You're the ONLY one to respond so far! It was good to hear from you!
8:20pm 12-26-2014
Would like to hear from Joe Manley, Hyratsuna (Rat), Baldwin, Hershey, Mann, Fetzko, Lavy, Chamberlain, Akers, "Pinsapple" Higa, Mr. "Ski", Mr. Dietwaller, Capt. Borg, and any others who might remember the guy that always got yelled at when the generator breaker tripped!
8:56am 12-24-2014
happy holidays brothers if your reading this your doing good . hang in there for we are not 19 any more , its all love brothers , welcome home carp 137th 67-68
3:05pm 12-22-2014
Moris Holland, I've been thinking about something you thought I did for near 50 years! I'm NOT the one that put a bag of eaten LRP rations under your cot! Shoot me an E-Mail! (cplancaster@bellsouth.net)
11:55am 12-22-2014
I'd like to hook-up with Joe Melling,---I know the little ****er is around somewhere!
11:45am 12-22-2014
I was with HHQ CO. from April '68-Jan '70 as a "powerman". I used to get cussed all the time when the generator kicked off while the movie was on! Well, Things have changed a little, as I'm a retired Deputy Sheriff, and now call Old Town, Florida my home. Some of us just hadn't matured, while we were in our teens! I'm just looking to hook-up with some very old (literally) friends while I was at North English!
11:36am 12-22-2014
Actually, I'm a Member, but can't retrieve my password! I need a little help!
3:29pm 12-16-2014
Bill Matthews
I know its a few days away but I wanted to say it while I had a chance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I was with HHC 19th from Dec 68 to Dec 69.
4:04pm 12-15-2014
Merry Christmas and New Year, we as a association need to have a reunion at the wall in Washington DC in the next two or three years. We all will be close to the 50th year anniversary. Rodney Jones C.Co 1967-68
6:42pm 12-01-2014
My father in-law passed away a bit ago and I have been working to put together a flag shadow box for him. I have been looking through all of his pictures of his time in Vietnam. I came across this website today in search of his unit patch to put in it, I just wanted to thank all of you for what you did back then. I didn't get much of an opportunity to talk to him much about his time, just like I don't like to talk much about my experiences.
9:43am 11-25-2014
To all my brothers and sisters from the 19th....a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving ! I can give thanks for the fact that I'm still here to write this.
Peace !
10:29am 11-13-2014
if your going to move the reunion ? why not the west coast ?? its closer . Florida is like as far as you can get form us , maybe it should stay where it is .???? carp 137th
1:02pm 11-11-2014
What were you doing this veterans day 1967?I was sorting the mail for my Bco brothers. Just another day in Viet Nam. Have a great day but remember our brothers we lost
3:51pm 11-10-2014
Please have the reunion somewhere else besides Missouri, try Florida. Its warmer and closer.
7:39am 09-02-2014
Hello All!
Hope you all have a great time at the reunion. One of these days I will make it out there for the reunion so I can meet all.

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