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11:45am 12-22-2014
I was with HHQ CO. from April '68-Jan '70 as a "powerman". I used to get cussed all the time when the generator kicked off while the movie was on! Well, Things have changed a little, as I'm a retired Deputy Sheriff, and now call Old Town, Florida my home. Some of us just hadn't matured, while we were in our teens! I'm just looking to hook-up with some very old (literally) friends while I was at North English!
11:36am 12-22-2014
Actually, I'm a Member, but can't retrieve my password! I need a little help!
3:29pm 12-16-2014
Bill Matthews
I know its a few days away but I wanted to say it while I had a chance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I was with HHC 19th from Dec 68 to Dec 69.
4:04pm 12-15-2014
Merry Christmas and New Year, we as a association need to have a reunion at the wall in Washington DC in the next two or three years. We all will be close to the 50th year anniversary. Rodney Jones C.Co 1967-68
6:42pm 12-01-2014
My father in-law passed away a bit ago and I have been working to put together a flag shadow box for him. I have been looking through all of his pictures of his time in Vietnam. I came across this website today in search of his unit patch to put in it, I just wanted to thank all of you for what you did back then. I didn't get much of an opportunity to talk to him much about his time, just like I don't like to talk much about my experiences.
9:43am 11-25-2014
To all my brothers and sisters from the 19th....a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving ! I can give thanks for the fact that I'm still here to write this.
Peace !
10:29am 11-13-2014
if your going to move the reunion ? why not the west coast ?? its closer . Florida is like as far as you can get form us , maybe it should stay where it is .???? carp 137th
1:02pm 11-11-2014
What were you doing this veterans day 1967?I was sorting the mail for my Bco brothers. Just another day in Viet Nam. Have a great day but remember our brothers we lost
3:51pm 11-10-2014
Please have the reunion somewhere else besides Missouri, try Florida. Its warmer and closer.
7:39am 09-02-2014
Hello All!
Hope you all have a great time at the reunion. One of these days I will make it out there for the reunion so I can meet all.

1:31pm 08-28-2014
Davis,Juan F
2/67 > 1/68 1120 e briar gate ct riverdale, ga 30296 770 991 9039 H 678 485 7482 C
7:55pm 08-19-2014
Dave & Nikkie Ward,
The 19th has already returned from Kuait.
Check the link: If it does not work, delete the x on knox, redo the x, then do a space in order to get the link active.


7:38pm 08-19-2014
19th Reunion: 5th & 6th September
Just to let you know, the crisis in Ferguson (a suburb of St Louis) in not taking place near the airport.

Reminder: because of construction at the Arch, do NOT take 55-70 East from the airport to get to I-44.

From the airport ake 70 West to 270 South to 44

Dial your GPS in to 139 Carmel Valley Way, St Robert, MO 65584

12:13pm 08-04-2014
Greetings ever one,I served in the 137th fromm 3/68to3/69 drove a 10 ton w/25 ton lowboy pulled dozers to job site for a while was TDY for awhile and was asst. platoon Sgt. for last couple of months.worked at the construction site at English air strip as NCOIC.lost some very good friends while I was there. would like to get in touch with Robert Baughman and Dan Blackmon.message me at johngarris1945@yahoo.com
9:31pm 08-03-2014
OK you old 19th vets, the reunion is one month away, and I am hoping that D co has the most there. I always thought that D co was the best, so everyone start thinking and planning about the good reunion that we are going to have. Get on the phone and remind someone.

Ken Smith D co 67-68 LZ Thunder
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