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12:02pm 07-23-2016
Ed ,I was in B com jan 68 jan 69 at Max and english Welcome home.
2:01pm 07-03-2016
We shipped over to vietnam on the GORDON arrived in QUI NHON in 1965. We went right to work building our compound. Putting up tents and securing our perimeter with barbed wire and bunkers for machine guns. check the photo albuns
3:46pm 06-28-2016
Ed I was in Bco at LZ Max in 1968
6:05am 06-28-2016
Ed - yep same time frame. I was with Co A, the same as Jose.
3:43pm 06-24-2016
I was in an armored Cav troop and our two tracks were with Company B at LZ Max in 1968. I have spoken with Jose Diaz and Lacy Baldwin. Anybody else from that time frame ??
12:44pm 06-14-2016
2:00pm 05-27-2016
hi lynn how you doing I live in Washington where do you live Its been a long time sent me a message garywchasesr@comcast.net we can talk more I am also on facebook lots of pictures welcome home Lynn
1:38pm 05-27-2016
I would like to known how to order the 8in embroidered patchs with vietman cross of gallantry ribbons
12:39pm 05-26-2016
To all my brother and sister Veterans;
I wish you a safe and peaceful Memorial Day weekend. We shall not forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace....
Peace !
9:12pm 05-10-2016
Hi, i posted her a few years ago for my great uncle Lee Parke, got some people to help and just figured id drop by in case anyone else remembers him? Lee Parke 1968 to 1970. thanks everyone.

6:30am 04-02-2016
I was in HQ Company then to the water points at LZ English and the Bong Son river. Became a three striper and drove QL 1 to the water points from Bong Son to Mou Duc bridge head. The water point teams were all alone with our 14s and a prk 25. Amazing what we did at 19, 20, and 21 yrs old.
7:41am 03-24-2016
Charlie Alford was critically injured in an accident when a dead tree fell on him. He was flown to the trauma hospital in Erlanger with head injury and is in the ICU. They are trying to stabilize him in order to operate to stop the bleeding in the brain. Prayers are Needed.
5:24pm 02-28-2016
To Mike Shulock
8:29am 02-28-2016
8:15am 02-28-2016
Hi LT this is Smitty[Jim Smith] Hvy. Junk 68/69. Sure good to hear from you. My email is smithville02@hot mail.com my phone no. is [816] 592-0759
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