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6:30am 04-02-2016
I was in HQ Company then to the water points at LZ English and the Bong Son river. Became a three striper and drove QL 1 to the water points from Bong Son to Mou Duc bridge head. The water point teams were all alone with our 14s and a prk 25. Amazing what we did at 19, 20, and 21 yrs old.
7:41am 03-24-2016
Charlie Alford was critically injured in an accident when a dead tree fell on him. He was flown to the trauma hospital in Erlanger with head injury and is in the ICU. They are trying to stabilize him in order to operate to stop the bleeding in the brain. Prayers are Needed.
5:24pm 02-28-2016
To Mike Shulock
8:29am 02-28-2016
8:15am 02-28-2016
Hi LT this is Smitty[Jim Smith] Hvy. Junk 68/69. Sure good to hear from you. My email is smithville02@hot mail.com my phone no. is [816] 592-0759
5:37pm 02-27-2016
To: David Saenz
Re:John Perry
You are correct. Perry hit a mine with his grader north of LZ Lowboy while working with "C" company. End of July first week of Aug. My email:mfsgftvb@comcast.net
10:05am 02-26-2016
Served in Co C 19th at Hotrocks /Swampy in 70 to 71 till deactivated then was assigned to the 299th.
7:21pm 02-22-2016
Joe, I was on Thunder 67-68 I and others have lots of pictures of LZ Thunder, I was in D co also. Let me hear from you.
12:28pm 02-21-2016
d co. 19th on lz thunder 1968 looking for pic of lz
8:44pm 02-11-2016
I was in Headquarters Company, Recon Radio Operator. LT.WRIGHTENOUR was or Officer in Charge.
I continuously worry about Mike Lopez who was the other Recon Radio operator in Hq.
I love all of you men not a day goes by in my life I don't think about you.
I'm seventy now and I feel like our efforts in the different hamlet's and towns made a difference in the lives of those Vietnamese we came in contact with.
Again, I love all of you. Welcome Home
5:17pm 01-29-2016
I was on LZ Thunder 1967 / 1968. Helped build bridges, Drove 5 ton truck (MR MUD), worked with explosives, left for home on the day bridges were destroyed.
First arrived in Quinn Yan, moved to Bong Son,then to LZ Thunder. Dennis (Denny) Pryce
10:37am 01-22-2016
Looking for anybody who served with my dad Sp5 Daniel Germovsek. He was in Vietnam Summer 1970-Summer 1971
8:20am 01-22-2016
Thanks Richard for the response on the 19th Engr site on the subject of agent orange. Sorry to hear of your injury and that broken back OUCH! Don’t have diabetes yet but certainly have high sugar and also dealing with melanoma cancer which they say is also related to agent orange. To think they never considered these issues when spraying all over the country. Good luck and take care
Welcome Home
Jim Comber D company 68
12:52pm 01-17-2016
My brother Larry was in B company with me in 68, died 13 years ago from agent orange cancers.
10:44am 01-07-2016
hello brothers say James i also was hurt at d company of the 19th . it was a 50# mine i hit it with a 290 scraper , it was ugly and being an American i stayed in country even thew i was hurt a lot worse then i thought i was , as for agent orange i along with lots of others are being compensated for diabetes bad eyes and there is a lot of other things that can go wrong , just apply for it and they will take a look , i applied for a purple hart several years ago , i sent in letters from every one but the v/c that set the mine and i still cant get that purple hart , i should have never gotten up that morning i should have laid there and made them help , but i did not , later i found out i had a broken back in three places and to this day i suffer with the pain and the memories , good luck James . r carp 137th Eng. co. l.e. 67-68
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