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6:07am 02-24-2017
I am looking for SP.4 Ron Brown. Last known APO address in VN was company B, 19th Engineering BN. SF CA 96493. He was in VN IN 69-70 and Fort Hood prior to that. I think he was from Susanville(?) California
4:02am 01-04-2017
Make pictures of B co area and post when you get back to the WORLD.Good luck on your trip.
11:30am 01-01-2017
I am returning to Nam in Jan 2017, and will tour the areas north of Bong Son where the 19th were located. What memories are rising to the surface! I was in B Co. and just hope I can find the basecamp somewhere north of LZ North
English on my tour. I was also at LZ Lowboy for a short time, and I should find that site.
12:15pm 12-08-2016
We lost, 1st Lt. John B. Gay May 2nd. 2016, he was in D co. 8-69-8-70. He passed away in VA hospital Iowa City, Iowa. Great guy & I will miss him. RIP
7:22pm 11-27-2016
I was a New Zealand Army medic hosted by 19th Engineers at LZ North English between June- December 1968. I drove a grey jeep and my role was to visit the dispensary in Tam Quan village, assess patients, treat or transport back to our hospital in Bong Son village.
During my six month with your 19th Engineering Battalion I made many friends and through this web site have tried to unsuccessfully make contact after 48 years. In particular I am looking for 4 Engineers whom were travelling with me on the late afternoon of Thanksgiving day , Thursday 28th November
1968 when we were ambushed(roadside) whilst returning to LZ Nth English. This ambush happened at 5-10pm about 2-3 clicks South of our camp.
We were all wounded and medivacced to different hospitals ect and I have not seen these guys with whom I shared a horrific experience since that day in 1968. It is the 28th November today in New Zealand( we are one day ahead of the USA) so my thoughts return to that day once again.
I would appreciate any help or contact with these three guys whose names follow. I am not sure of there ranks, company or spelling of their names. I remember them as Bird( Bryd?)
Brown and Smith? ( Brown and Smith were returning from R&Rand were thumbing a ride back to camp when Bird and I stopped and picked them up.)
Hope there is someone in the Engineering community can advise or assist. Not understanding the American search sites or having service numbers ect has has probably led the lack of success during 40 years of searching. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and welcome home.
Kelvin Davis
Auckland. New Zea
11:34am 11-24-2016
James Swearingen
Thanks fir your reply. Your information will be very helpful!
5:08pm 11-14-2016
George Dunlap My name is James Swearengin I was in 19th also. Head co and B co was about 5 miles north of Bong Song Aug 67. B co moved north of Duc Pho Dec 67. The LZ where Head co was called LZ ENGLISH NORTH. This place was about 5 or 6 miles north of Bong Song river on the left. I was B co mail clerk . I made 100s of trips up and down QL 1
5:27pm 11-09-2016
this is for ron broccardo, I was in touch with joe alston recently and he told me you would like to talk with me. I was wounded on april 22nd.more specificly the 5 ton dump truck we were riding on hit a land mine and I ended up underneath it. if you would like you can reach me thru this e-mail address.
1:24pm 11-08-2016
I am returning to Viet Nam in Jan. 2017, and need to find my former base camp at which I was stationed from Aug. 1967-Oct. 1967. I know it was between Bong Son and Duc Pho. If you can give me any info, I will greatly appreciate it. I was with HQ Co., 19th Engr Bn (C).
9:37pm 10-03-2016
Anyone know of Walter Ogilvie from NewMexico or Fredrick Croy Woodworth the third Gary Vaughn Lovettee RIP Brother
11:33am 09-25-2016
Curious if anyone from LZ LOWBOY is watching post and would have any photos from 68-70 possibly know or have pics of perhaps DENNIS KING (DINGER) .
8:27am 08-21-2016
OK its time to get ready to head to the 19th Engr. reunion, it gonna be a good one time is short so plan.

D Co LZ Thunder 67-68
5:47am 08-15-2016
Juan F Davis died on August 14, 2016 as a result of a car accident.
3:21pm 08-13-2016
Jim Smith
25 days and a wake up. cant walt to see every one.
3:18pm 08-13-2016
19th eng.
25 days and a wake up.
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