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2:28pm 09-23-2017
Hello all. Looking for a Robert Fields, Co C 65-66, on behalf of my neighbor Harvey Cole. Any help is most appreciated.

Seth Cummings
ATCS(AW) USN Retired
6:26pm 09-15-2017
1sg d co 9-68 to 11-68 at tam quan ? and platoon sergeant d co at LZ max 11-68 to 9-69 { includes time of southern movement.unable to make 17 reunion perhaps next year. was hoping to see all, missed talking with jose diaz. adios compadres
3:11pm 08-30-2017
Dozer operator with C Co from 4-66 - 4-67"" . Anybody from that time frame with Heavy Equipment around?
10:43am 08-21-2017
James Lindsay 61 to
This is James Lindsay 61 to 64 is anyone out there.call 812 309 8845. Would like to here somebody from B Co
7:29pm 06-29-2017
Dozer Operator Co .D 20th. Cbt. Eng., Pleique , PleiDjurang, Oasis Oct. 1966-67 Looking for buddies who came over with me on Troop Transport W.O. Darby out of Seattle WA.
7:29am 06-15-2017
I went through basic and at with Garhy he also rode convoy to​ Cam rahn bay neumirous times I miss him​ daily Rip brother
2:22pm 06-07-2017
I just received my book and could not put it down till I finished it, Great Adventures From My Life, by Scott Sharon. He was 3rd Platoon Leader in late 68, than went to Battalion and I think CO of C company it tells about his childhood and his detailed time in Vietnam and after, I suggest anyone to order it for its a very interesting read, on our website is the link to get the book in the NEWS section. Thanks, Kenneth Smith D Co 67-68 LZ Thunder
4:25pm 04-30-2017

Looking for anyone that served with Lee E Parke 68 to 70 - 19th Engr Bal Co. D , I have a picture of Lee and more info if itll help! ty

8:06am 03-17-2017
Hello All
Sitting here enjoying the day I arrived home, 49 years ago!
Yup! Flew into Boston on St Pats day with family waiting!
Nice memory!
1:15pm 03-12-2017
Yo, fellow engineers. You may already know about this, but there is a 2016 documentary called "My Fathers Vietnam". It features an engineer unit in our area operation, and our two main roles of mine-sweep and construction. However, unless A company remained in the Duc Pho/Moduc area after the move south in Sep of '69, then the unit referenced in the film is someone other then the 19th. What was the name of A company's LZ? "Liz" and "Bronco" are named in the documentary. Anyway fabulous work and the first film I've ever seen in where combat-engineers are strongly depicted. Check it out. Produced by Sorren Sorrensen.
1:37pm 03-01-2017
capt smith went back a few years ago and lowboy was ngated up with off limits poster in english and vietnamese enjoy your trip brother
its on my bucket list
6:07am 02-24-2017
I am looking for SP.4 Ron Brown. Last known APO address in VN was company B, 19th Engineering BN. SF CA 96493. He was in VN IN 69-70 and Fort Hood prior to that. I think he was from Susanville(?) California
4:02am 01-04-2017
Make pictures of B co area and post when you get back to the WORLD.Good luck on your trip.
11:30am 01-01-2017
I am returning to Nam in Jan 2017, and will tour the areas north of Bong Son where the 19th were located. What memories are rising to the surface! I was in B Co. and just hope I can find the basecamp somewhere north of LZ North
English on my tour. I was also at LZ Lowboy for a short time, and I should find that site.
12:15pm 12-08-2016
We lost, 1st Lt. John B. Gay May 2nd. 2016, he was in D co. 8-69-8-70. He passed away in VA hospital Iowa City, Iowa. Great guy & I will miss him. RIP
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