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4:57pm 10-13-2017
Anyone know where Platoon Sargent Robert F. Cannon is? As a young Lt. fresh out of OCS I learned more from him than anyone else in my life. It was an honor to serve with all who were at LZ Lowboy from Sep. 1967 to Aug 1968.
11:07am 10-07-2017
hello everyone. I served in dco.in march april and may 68 when wounded by sniper fire.after many years of trying I finally reachd 100% disabled. If I can help anyone with their claims please call me at 815 289 7229
8:02am 10-06-2017
Chuck you are so right, it is a disgrace no more NFL for me until they get their act together. By the way Chuck what have you been doing you come to one reunion than quit, we in D co always talk about you at the reunions quit hiding out we miss you. LZ Thunder 67-68
3:16pm 09-25-2017
As I watched all the NFL games yesterday during the National Anthem my old seventy year old heart hurt. Those players, coaches and staff disrespecting our Country. Of all the people that have fought and died for what that Anthem stands for. All those spoiled children kneeing or not even coming out on the field. Those spoiled brats that make millions of dollars. In 1966 when I proudly joined the U.S. ARMY I was making around 95.00 a month. In Vietnam my top pay was 251.58 cents as an E-4. My last pay check in the Army after serving for 3 years was 355.01 as an E-5. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULS.
Chuck Martin
"D" Company 19th Engr. 67-68
2:28pm 09-23-2017
Hello all. Looking for a Robert Fields, Co C 65-66, on behalf of my neighbor Harvey Cole. Any help is most appreciated.

Seth Cummings
ATCS(AW) USN Retired
6:26pm 09-15-2017
1sg d co 9-68 to 11-68 at tam quan ? and platoon sergeant d co at LZ max 11-68 to 9-69 { includes time of southern movement.unable to make 17 reunion perhaps next year. was hoping to see all, missed talking with jose diaz. adios compadres
3:11pm 08-30-2017
Dozer operator with C Co from 4-66 - 4-67"" . Anybody from that time frame with Heavy Equipment around?
10:43am 08-21-2017
James Lindsay 61 to
This is James Lindsay 61 to 64 is anyone out there.call 812 309 8845. Would like to here somebody from B Co
7:29pm 06-29-2017
Dozer Operator Co .D 20th. Cbt. Eng., Pleique , PleiDjurang, Oasis Oct. 1966-67 Looking for buddies who came over with me on Troop Transport W.O. Darby out of Seattle WA.
7:29am 06-15-2017
I went through basic and at with Garhy he also rode convoy to​ Cam rahn bay neumirous times I miss him​ daily Rip brother
2:22pm 06-07-2017
I just received my book and could not put it down till I finished it, Great Adventures From My Life, by Scott Sharon. He was 3rd Platoon Leader in late 68, than went to Battalion and I think CO of C company it tells about his childhood and his detailed time in Vietnam and after, I suggest anyone to order it for its a very interesting read, on our website is the link to get the book in the NEWS section. Thanks, Kenneth Smith D Co 67-68 LZ Thunder
4:25pm 04-30-2017

Looking for anyone that served with Lee E Parke 68 to 70 - 19th Engr Bal Co. D , I have a picture of Lee and more info if itll help! ty

8:06am 03-17-2017
Hello All
Sitting here enjoying the day I arrived home, 49 years ago!
Yup! Flew into Boston on St Pats day with family waiting!
Nice memory!
1:15pm 03-12-2017
Yo, fellow engineers. You may already know about this, but there is a 2016 documentary called "My Fathers Vietnam". It features an engineer unit in our area operation, and our two main roles of mine-sweep and construction. However, unless A company remained in the Duc Pho/Moduc area after the move south in Sep of '69, then the unit referenced in the film is someone other then the 19th. What was the name of A company's LZ? "Liz" and "Bronco" are named in the documentary. Anyway fabulous work and the first film I've ever seen in where combat-engineers are strongly depicted. Check it out. Produced by Sorren Sorrensen.
1:37pm 03-01-2017
capt smith went back a few years ago and lowboy was ngated up with off limits poster in english and vietnamese enjoy your trip brother
its on my bucket list
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