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11:20am 06-14-2018
Jack a sawvel
6:55am 06-08-2018
james comber
Wounded in 1968 D company and retired out of military 90% disability
Wife says I have become mental case and wants me to see someone at VA for PTSD. Anyone out there that has applied for this compensation can you please let me know.
12:15am 06-01-2018
Kelvin Davis
Sorry to hear about the death of Captain William Swann. I was a New Zealand Medic E7 who was attached to 19th Engineers HQ Company at LZ North English from June 68 until December 1968. I often worked with him and his medics , assisted on minesweeper patrols ect. On Thanks Giving day 28th November 1968 my vehicle was ambushed and three other engineers with me we're wounded. Dr Swann attended to my minor wounds.
I would like to contact any Engineers that I may have had contact with, I am visiting east and West Coast USA in October 2018.
One day I hope to make a reunion before I am to old!!
6:37am 05-16-2018
Jack a sawvel
John, prayer always helps. We sometimes just do not see him working.
9:10pm 05-09-2018
John Novak
How you doing Jack Good to hear from you.? We moved to Twin Falls Idaho in April of2017. I had hoped Sue could get some emotional support. As hard as this is on me, poor Sue is almost living in hell.
Keep her in your prayers please, as time goes by, don't help much any more.
8:16am 04-15-2018
Jack a sawvel
John, glad to see the post. I looked at the pic of you and my brother Larry just the a day or two ago. We were young!
11:46pm 04-13-2018
John Novak
Afraid I have Parkinson's and I don't have a chance to say howdy to many of my Brothers, in case I EVER forget, I LOVE you guys !!!! Even if you weren't in B Company !!
John Novak- B Company 11-67/7-69
2:29pm 02-16-2018
Angela Angel
Hello! Looking for any coworkers who served with Ira Bad Bear from Crow Agency, Montana during the time period of 6 Aug 1969 thru 8 May 1971. Ira was a construction equipment repairer, MOS 62b. He served Cam Rahn Bay, Na Trang, and Bu Prang. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
11:15am 02-10-2018
Jim Smith [ SMITY]
Would like to here from anyone from Heavy Junk.Phone [816]592-0753
4:39pm 02-09-2018
ron broccardo
Sorry to hear about the loss of my best boss in Vietnam, Capt., William Swan
Ron Doc Broccardo D CO, 69 LZ THUNDER
7:10am 02-05-2018
Michael Shulock
To: David Saenz
Still looking for Perry. Phone number was not working. I found a John B. Perry in Walker La./ Info that he needs-19th Eng Bn was moved from 937th Eng Group to 45th according to OR 11 Aug 1969. Operational Report shows "C" under control of 39th Eng Bn. His records would not be with 19th Eng Bn. If you look at Steve Simpson photo for "C" it shows Grader HQ 115 working on road . If anyone knows were Perry is at this time please post. This info came from Operational Reports on web site.
Thank you all again, Heavy Junk.
12:47pm 02-02-2018
Forrest Sears
Thank you.
9:44am 12-23-2017
my pics were taken on lz thunder in 68. I was pulling guard. one was me w/viet people in village. others sharks firing in support. I was a grunt in 4/21. 5 rolls of film and instamatic were taken w/7 dollars. i'll never see them, but if the right person reads this, miracles happen.
4:12pm 11-28-2017
David Tincher
I forgot to say that I was also at LZ Lowboy in 1967. My Dusters protected the bridges from Bravo 88 North on RTE 1. I would love to hear from anyone from that era.
( 321) 543 - 8000
9:26am 11-28-2017
David Tincher
I was the Section Chief on the lead Duster in the ambush on Aug 17 1969. I was assigned to C 4/60th ( dusters ). I just wanted to thank all of the brave men who were involved in this action. Without their bravery and skill a bad situation would have much worse. To my crew who saved my life on the side of that road and the brave Engineers who fought like Tigers God bless you all.
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